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Top 5 – Unveiling Lotus Farm: Beyond Temples, Unforgettable Experiences in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Top 5 – Unveiling Lotus Farm: Beyond Temples, Unforgettable Experiences in Siem Reap, Cambodia

1. Discover Lotus Farm – Unforgettable Attractions in Siem Reap Beyond Temples

Explore beyond the temples in Siem Reap with Lotus Farm, an extraordinary lotus silk farm initiated by Samatoa.
As a leading attraction, we offer more than the traditional temple experience.
Immerse yourself in guided visits ($5 per person) and a one-hour boat ride ($10 per person) amidst lotus fields.
Engage in hands-on workshops, such as lotus spinning and handicraft creation.

Immerse Yourself in Guided Visits, Boat Rides, and Hands-on Workshops

2. Engage in Hands-on Workshops Experience  at Siem Reap’s Lotus Silk Farm

Discover Siem Reap beyond temples at Lotus Farm’s hands-on workshops.
From lotus spinning to exquisite handicraft creation, our experiences, guided by experts, redefine attractions in Siem Reap.
Immerse yourself in sustainable practices and book your workshop online for an innovative journey.

Experience the Art of Lotus Spinning and Handicraft Creation

Handicraft workshop by Samatoa, Extracting fibers from stems
Handicratf workshop by Samatoa - Lotus fibers threading

3. Retreat to the Tranquil Oasis of Siem Reap’s Tea Lounge

Elevate your Siem Reap experience beyond temples at our Tea Lounge on Lotus Farm’s 4th floor.
Indulge in rare Lotus tea, crafted using a secret ancestral method, paired with delightful biscuits. Enjoy a 360° view of the serene countryside.
Immerse yourself in tranquillity and savor flavors—a unique attraction besides temples in Siem Reap.

Indulge in Rare Lotus Tea and Breathtaking Views

Samatoa Tea Lounge on the rooftop
Making lotus tea

4. Unleash Your Style at Siem Reap’s Couture Lotus Silk Farm

Experience bespoke Couture at Lotus Farm, a lotus silk farm in Siem Reap.
Choose styles from our unique collection of homemade Lotus and silk fabrics. Personalize garments with a palette of colors.
Craft tailor-made dresses, shirts, trousers in a day or indulge in a week-long creation of a jacket. A unique lotus silk farm experience in Siem Reap beyond temples.

Create Bespoke Garments with Unique Lotus and Silk Fabrics

Haute couture choosing colors
Lotus scarf by Samatoa

5. Explore Exclusive Lotus Textiles at Siem Reap’s Premier Silk Farm

Lotus Store at Lotus Farm, the only destination for rare lotus textiles in Cambodia.
Immerse yourself in our exclusive collection, offering stories of artistry and sustainability.
Take home a piece of Lotus Farm’s legacy, where tradition meets modernity.
A must-visit lotus silk farm attraction in Siem Reap besides temples.

Take Home a Piece of Artistry and Sustainability from Lotus Store

Lotus farm by Samatoa Souvenir store
Samatoa Lotus farm souvenir shop
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Visit Us

Lotus farm opens everyday from 8am to 6pm, $5 guided tour with lotus tea and biscuits.

Bookings are recommended for workshops and best done by phone or Whatsapp.

LOTUS FARM BY SAMATOA, 9, Road 63, 17250 Siem Reap, Cambodia