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Since 2003

Couture Craftsmanship – Unique Lotus Silk Farm Experience

Our team of experts will help you to study the feasibility of your haute-couture model, from our range of own-made natural fabric, and the pattern to the prototyping and shipping if required.
Experience bespoke Couture at Lotus Farm, a lotus silk farm in Siem Reap.
Choose styles from our unique collection of homemade Lotus and silk fabrics.
Personalize garments with a palette of colors.
Craft tailor-made dresses, shirts, and trousers in a day or indulge in a week-long creation of a jacket.
A unique lotus silk farm experience in Siem Reap beyond temples.

We will provide you with the solution to make your model unique and impeccably crafted.
We do partner with fashion designers to create unique luxury and eco-friendly collection.

Samatoa lotus textiles is a social enterprise, we use lotus and other local natural products to manufacture extraordinary handicraft items while supporting vulnerable women in Cambodia.

Haute couture dress by Samatoa
Haute couture jacket by Samatoa
Haute couture lotus dress by Samatoa
Haute couture by Samatoa choosing colors

Want to buy handicrafts made from the sacred lotus flower?

A souvenir store complete the Lotus Farm Tour and offers unique handicrafts made from the sacred lotus flower: lotus textiles, lotus scarves, accessories, lotus seeds jewels, lotus teas, lotus cosmetics, …

Lotus harvesting
Making lotus tea
The lotus fibers in a lotus stem
Extracting fibers from the lotus stems
Hand weaving lotus fibers by hand

Want to learn how to transform the Sacred Lotus Flower into unique sustainable handicrafts? And how it can support hundreds of the most vulnerable women in Cambodia?

The Lotus Farm is a top tourist attraction in Siem Reap, targeting eco-conscious travelers looking for knowledge and authentic handicrafts.

Want to taste our premium Flower Lotus Tea?

And homemade organic biscuits made from the lotus seeds?

Then, relax on a scenic spot with a 360° view on the paddy and lotus fields.

handicraft workshop spinning
Handicraft workshop weaving
Handicraft workshop extracting lotus fibers
Handicraft workshop by Samatoa, Extracting fibers from stems

Want to learn how to do it yourself?

Lotus & Silk Farm proposes Handicraft workshop classes around the lotus flower.

Learn how to transform the lotus flower in unique handicraft souvenirs and make your own souvenir (lotus yarn, bracelet, paper, lotus tea, and much more…).

Want to create your own dream clothing and full collection?

Tailoring services since 2003 for individuals and fashion designers.

Bring your best models, patterns or drawings, choose from our home made fabrics and we will partner with you to transform your dream in reality.

Visit Us

Lotus & Silk farm opens everyday from 8am to 6pm, $5 guided tour (with lotus tea and cakes).

Should you want to follow handicraft classes, it is recommend to book in advance.

LOTUS FARM, 9, Road 63, 17250 Siem Reap, Cambodia