The Lotus Farm is a unique workshop in the world.  It aims to present in detail though in an entertaining manner, the exceptional production of the most ecological fabric made from lotus fiber.

After a guided presentation of the Sacred Lotus Flower and its symbolic meaning in the Asian cultures, the Lotus Farm offers visitors the opportunity to experience each stage in the creation of this luxurious and rarest fabric:

  • The harvest, or the way to gather the Lotus Flowers stems to keep the best quality of material,
  • The spinning, which consists to transform the Lotus fibers in a high quality thread. This very complex process must be realized exclusively by hand.
  • The weaving, from the preparation of the loom to the finished lotus fabric,
  • The re-use of the Lotus wastes which offer unique medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic properties.

A presentation film, a sensorial discovery, a sampling of by-products derived from the lotus plant and a gifts shop complete the guided tour. Soft-drinks and restrooms are available for customers.